Hello! I’m a documentary film director and producer whose work explores American social and cultural history, with a particular emphasis on gender and popular entertainment.

Currently, I’m directing Big Top, Little Lady, a feature documentary exploring the lives of the female circus performers who thrilled the crowds during the turn of the century when the American railroad tent circuses were entering the height of their popularity.

My first documentary, This Is How I Roll, followed some of the first male skaters in the modern roller derby revival as they worked to find their place in a female driven sport. The film is both a humorous and heartfelt chronicling of the fringe of a fringe sport. It’s a unique look at the unexpected, if still familiar, gender politics that plague modern athletes. The film has screened in the U.S and internationally. It was also hosted with a panel discussion at The Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities at Stony Brook University.

I’m the Manager of Grants and Investments at Fork Films, where I oversee and facilitate Fork Films’ documentary grants program. I was also an associate producer for Fork Films’ recent documentary The Trials of Spring.

Recently I wrote about belly dance and the Chicago World’s Fair for Atlas Obscura.

You can follow me on Twitter for updates on current projects, resources for filmmakers, interesting bits and pieces from around the web, and occasional pictures of my dog.